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You will never see time the same again after reading this book! Understanding where productivity and the five day work week comes from will shift your perspective of the world around you. Odell, a citizen of the San Francisco Bay Area takes you, the reader, on a journey through photopgraphs, anecdotes, and research on how time as we know it was constructed, and also how it can be deconstructed and ultimately restructured. 


"This brings me back to 'Filipino time.' From one angle, the term looks derogatory, given that it was coined by the Americans who took over the Philippines at the turn of the century and who found Filipino people to be less than punctual... But if, just for a moment we leave behind historically and culturally specific notions of clock-based punctuality and time as money, then Filipino time actually doesn't appear to be a problem at all. If you and everyone you know are on it, then it's just time" (Odell 203-204).

Saving Time by Jenny Odell

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