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Lisa Macapinlac- Rockefeller

A Community Member's Perspective of Asian American Literature


Lisa Macapinlac- Rockefeller lives in the Outer Sunset Neighborhood of San Francisco, California. In addition to being a mother and an educator, she is also an active member of the Filipino- American community in the Bay Area. 

As an English major at UC-Davis, what did you your curriculum look like? How were you introduced to Asian-American Literature, or any BIPOC Literature?

 As a parent and educator, why do you prioritize including representative literature to the children in your life?

How did you get involved in the Filipino-American community in the San Francisco Bay Area? What were some of the reasons that inspired you to join? What does community mean to you?

You have been involved in Sama-Sama, a Filipino collective located in the San Francisco Bay Area, for many summers. How would you explain to people who do not know what Sama Sama is, and why it is important?

Do you have advice for anyone who is looking to get involved or make change in their community? Where do they start?

What are some forms of media (i.e. literature, films, podcasts) you would recommend to people who want to know more about Asian American Literature?

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