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I chose to name this project "Intersections: Browse Asian American Literature" because I found that there are so many identities, experiences, and individuals that exist within the Asian American identity. Throughout my research for this project, I saw time and time again that this intersectionality is strongly represented in Asian American Literature. I hope you can find yourself in the characters of the texts I have recommended because there is nothing like seeing your experiences, your struggles, and your celebrations reflected in literature. 

The vision I have for this website is for it serve as a resource to amplify the literary greatness that exists in the Asian-American Literature genre. I want this website to go beyond a space for information, I want it to be a location for connection and learning. As a result, my research and excitement for this project has led me to community leaders, finding Asian- owned bookstores, and also getting to work with amazing collaborators. 

There is an endless depth to this genre, and learning from others and hearing their perspectives allows us to learn how to navigate Asian American Literature. My intention is that you will get to learn more about the different branches and facets that exist within Asian American Literature. 

Whether you are in search of a new book recommendation, want to learn from an expert in one of the interviews on this site, need a new bookstore, or simply want to connect, "Intersections: Browse Asian American Literature" is meant to satisfy all those needs! This website will always be a work in progress, and I think that is the beautiful thing about this space. I hope you have the chance to learn something new during your time here!

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