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Ocean Vuong seamlessly displays how multiple indenties can intersect within a single individual. In a letter to his mother who cannot read, the speaker, Little Dog, who is a Queer Vietnamese-American openly shares his experience in an American not made for him. Surviving in American and keeping one's mother tongue alive is a challege he must overcome on his own. Little Dog's challenges are shared so vulnerably, the audience has no choice but to adopt his perspective. 


"That night I promised myself I'd never be wordless when you needed me to speak to you. So began my career as our family's official interpreter. From then on, I would fill our blanks, our silences, stutters, whenever I could. I code switched. I took off our language and wore my English, like a mask, so that others would see my face, and therefore, yours" (Vuong 32). 

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

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